Take the Leap

I admit, fear of something is not that easy to fight or to take control over especially when someone have been traumatized before which then led to the fear. So I am one of those people who are lack of self-confident or unable to fight my fear no matter how much pills or supplements I … Continue reading Take the Leap


I Am No Millionaire

I am no millionaire Nor the type to care Like everyone else I brush my teeth and comb my hair While staring at my figure in the mirror I claim myself a winner.   I am no millionaire But I wish I am I act like one and think like one One with a millionaire's … Continue reading I Am No Millionaire

Days of Positivity

The photo has absolutely nothing to do with whatever I'm about to write below. So I got accepted to a local university after almost two years of not enrolling to anywhere - man, what a journey I've gone through. One thing I realise about how our brain work. When you implement your self-control with positive … Continue reading Days of Positivity


Hello and a very good day to all. I have recently published my first piece entitled 'Thoughts' which is available in both e-book and paperback. 'Thoughts' is something that I had been working on since last year and finally got everything set to be published internationally. I have included some excerpts of the piece as … Continue reading Thoughts