Birthday is something that most people always looking forward to. And I used to belong to those people. But not now anymore. September 13 marks my birthday every year and every year I celebrate it differently - according to what situation I am in. Like last year, I had my birthday while staying at my … Continue reading Birthdays.


Be the sunset, not the scenery.

Wise men said, Be the scenery, not the sunset But sometimes I’d rather be the sunset than the scenery. Why? People tend to remember the beauty of a scenery whenever it is captured during the golden hour. They say the view is incredibly astonishing. The amount of awesomeness is just too much to think of. … Continue reading Be the sunset, not the scenery.


So I went to my granny's or in Malay we called her as nenek for over the weekend. Well, living at my granny's means there is no internet connection nor phone coverage for an easy access of communication. So basically all I did was staring at those cracky ceilings for the whole time -metaphorically speaking, … Continue reading Getaway.