Our Perspectives are Different

Humans are granted or blessed with every part of their bodies - fingerprints, brains, eyes with the resolution of 576 pixels (equal for everyone) etc. With the very distinction features of every human come the different perspectives. So the principle is applied in photography. Each photographer has their very own ways on telling stories to [...]


A Confession From an Amateur Photographer.

Perhaps you have had read my post in regards of how did I end up becoming a photographer of my own - a self-taught photographer to be precise. This year marks the third year of me becoming or taking this whole photography thing seriously. I started off just for fun when I was in high [...]

She’s Not A Loser.

It's been forever since the last time she posted something on her blog and the year couldn't have been more hectic that she had to give herself some space - by temporarily stopping herself from doing such things that she used to do back then. The bad news is that her father's getting sicker, day [...]


Hello and a very good day to all. I have recently published my first piece entitled 'Thoughts' which is available in both e-book and paperback. 'Thoughts' is something that I had been working on since last year and finally got everything set to be published internationally. I have included some excerpts of the piece as [...]


It saddens me the fact that netflix decided not to air tv show chuck anymore. ICYDK, Chuck is a sci-fi tv show that has massive number of fandom or community despite NBC almost called the show a quit due to its low rating some times back in their season 2 or 3. #chucksters fought against [...]


Birthday is something that most people always looking forward to. And I used to belong to those people. But not now anymore. September 13 marks my birthday every year and every year I celebrate it differently - according to what situation I am in. Like last year, I had my birthday while staying at my [...]

Happy 59th Independence Day.

Today, 31st August 2k16 marks another year of Malaysia's Independence Day. Malaysia or previously known as Tanah Melayu celebrated their very first independency on 31st August 1957 after being colonized for the past hundreds of year. The following is the timeline of the country which invaded Tanah Melayu in short. In 1511, Portuguese invaded Malacca which [...]

Trivial Parts That Could Draw Attention.

If we put a lil more focus on something that seems unsignificant, we'd actually could turn that part into a major significant. I actually was trying to shoot an orchid in macro. While doing a bit of editing work after that, I tried to view this in different angles by zooming in all the different [...]