I'm here to write about luck in photography. The combination of luck, perfect timing and endless efforts provides such a great final outcome. It is true anyone now can be a photographer, given their never-ending practice they put in. Anyone can just be a photographer according to their sense simply by taking out their camera … Continue reading Luck



Birthday is something that most people always looking forward to. And I used to belong to those people. But not now anymore. September 13 marks my birthday every year and every year I celebrate it differently - according to what situation I am in. Like last year, I had my birthday while staying at my … Continue reading Birthdays.

Photography Glossary

Photographic work can be divided into dozens of categories, many with lots of sub-categories. The following list describes some common types of photography. Aerial From a plane, helicopter, balloon or other airborne device. Adventure, Action Adventure sports, daring feats, etc. Amateur Any type of photography practiced by non-professionals. Animal, Pet Pets and their relationships with humans. Note that the … Continue reading Photography Glossary

I’m Not Okay. I Just Pretend That I Am.

I'm not okay. I just pretend that I am. Don't ask a person who's in a great trouble - ie. someone who was wrongly accused for something that he didn't or a broken-hearted man, if he's okay. Just don't. Nobody who is in the midst of a suicidal battle will be okay. Well, some would … Continue reading I’m Not Okay. I Just Pretend That I Am.