Around the Corner.

These are some of the photos documented when the Eid Mubarak was around the corner.


The Expert-Mode Is (almost) an Electric!

As what I've promised the other day or as what I've tweeted the other day, I'm gonna do some write-up on the expert-mode capability on my new Oppo A37f. I have no intention of buying new phones at all, well, I might have but not this phone though. I was actually waiting for the new [...]

November ’16 Supermoon Part ii.

Hello again! As stated before, the perigee stage of this year's supermoon fall on 14 November 2o16 at 1352 GMT (9.52pm Malaysia time). I'll be sharing with you people my version of supermoon 'gazing'. I'm currently at my grandma's and her house is not really a fine spot to watch the supermoon -there are no [...]