Take the Leap

I admit, fear of something is not that easy to fight or to take control over especially when someone have been traumatized before which then led to the fear. So I am one of those people who are lack of self-confident or unable to fight my fear no matter how much pills or supplements I … Continue reading Take the Leap


It’s sunny in KL

I gotta say, this year's 'summer' in KL is something that I have been looking forward to. Probably mainly because of the magical golden hour I've gotten to see everyday right from my room.   Well, it is pretty exhausting these days as the sun shines so bright and the temperature goes up pretty high … Continue reading It’s sunny in KL

Basic Light Painting

Have you ever heard of Light Painting or Light Drawing Photography? It is actually a term used to describe any kinds of light art performance in photography - a technique which involves long exposure technique capturing exposure made by moving a hand-held light source (or two). That is the basic principle and many folks would … Continue reading Basic Light Painting

Reality Check by an Almost Failure

I've come across a career talk organised by my alma mater. It somehow makes me chuckle as the whole career talk thingy reminds me of something. The title of this article tells it all. I ain't referring myself as some random loser or failure because the principle is you never talk down to yourself on … Continue reading Reality Check by an Almost Failure

Putrajaya Light and Motion Festival (LAMPU) 2017

From 28 Dec 2017 to 31 Dec 2017, Dataran Putrajaya is expected to aglow with colorful lights as the fifth edition of LAMPU takes place. Located at Precinct 3 (near Perbandaran Putrajaya building), the square is flooded with crowd enjoying themselves as the event is held during the final week of the year, in addition … Continue reading Putrajaya Light and Motion Festival (LAMPU) 2017

I Am No Millionaire

I am no millionaire Nor the type to care Like everyone else I brush my teeth and comb my hair While staring at my figure in the mirror I claim myself a winner.   I am no millionaire But I wish I am I act like one and think like one One with a millionaire's … Continue reading I Am No Millionaire

Getty Images’ Kevin Frayer is TIME’s Wire…

“I remember watching a boy fight his way through a restless crowd and then pull himself up on the [aid] truck,” Frayer recalls. “I saw him trying to beg for food… and then a tear rolled down the side of his cheek. I remember it as if it was in slow motion.” - Getty Images' … Continue reading Getty Images’ Kevin Frayer is TIME’s Wire…

BOH Plantation Sdn Bhd

On December 23rd, 2017, a trip to Cameron Highlands (read : BOH Plantation Tea Centre & Factory) was actually taken place after a week of planning. We began our journey to Cameron Highlands around 9 in the morning and reached there at almost 1pm after a number of stationary points due to circumstances.     … Continue reading BOH Plantation Sdn Bhd