The #HASHTAG Project – You Can Make A Difference.

As technology keeps evolving, we definitely have come to our senses how a simple hashtag (#) could change the world – someone’s world. The project is concerned on how a simply wordy tag you put on your social media platform could bring others to unite and care. That’s it! That’s the whole idea of Typography Series. sub series- The Hashtag Project.

As a starting point, the production has decided to channel 10% of the profits gained from your purchase of any of the products to Reach Out WorldWide Foundation – a network of professionals with first responder skill-sets who augment local expertise when natural disasters strike in order to accelerate relief efforts.

These are a few sample of the merchandises:

Simplicity is our best product as what the production offers to all. The design is simple yet the message is beyond the simplicity. Wear the merchandise(s) of your purchase anywhere you go, to any occasions you’re off to, as simplicity makes out the most for casualty. You wear it best while spreading the brief awareness message to others.

How amazing isn’t it? To be able to lend your hand to those needed just right from your fingertips? Not everyone is an expert when it comes to dealing with disasters but you could make small changes and contributions to the victims too!


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