Our Perspectives are Different

Jalan in Malay is translated as Street/Road

Humans are granted or blessed with every part of their bodies – fingerprints, brains, eyes with the resolution of 576 pixels (equal for everyone) etc. With the very distinction features of every human come the different perspectives.

So the principle is applied in photography. Each photographer has their very own ways on telling stories to others, their own ways to document the stories from their very own and unique perspectives.

If you go through random photographers’ online portfolios, try to compare the way a particular subject is framed. For instance, try to have a look at the, say, sunset shots taken by different photographers. You could see and compare the shots are framed from different perspectives which may lead to conveyance of different feelings.

Then try to have a look at some close-up shots made by different photographers, or even so by the same photographer but different subjects. The way they were photographed convey different meanings

Malfunction water tap

Not to be mentioned the usage of filters, the image compositions, exposure et al. They are all technical.

Photo was taken in Kota Bharu

The way an image is produced is different from another because of the difference in perspective, the way you see thing from or towards your direction.

Photo was taken in Cameron Highland

So it is in street photography. Street photography, if we are to defined it artistically, is a sort of photography composed by photographers from their very own point of views. Everyone sees things differently.

This photo was taken in Malacca

Street photography is not just a mere candid shots you take while you’re on a street, well, technically it is, but there is something that the photographers (those who capture) shoot some particular subjects or actions they way they are shot. It could be that there is a meaning behind it or just probably the shooter just taking out his camera and decides to shoot it out of mere point of interest. Nobody could really tell. But one could tell that there are emotions in the photos involved, there are actually things happen.


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