Never Forget the Most Basic Photography Starter Pack

Let’s just leave the fact that you have your very own lenses, tripod, filters et al for a second.

Cameron Highland, 2015

Situation 1: You’re out of town and you would love to do some photography works while you’re there and you bring every equipment you have but you apparently have accidentally left these two things behind:

  1. Extra batteries
  2. Extra memory cards

Things would never ever go as smoothly as you’ve expected them to be. Well, unless your very generous friends don’t mind sharing theirs with you in which in many cases, I doubt that. Especially when your other friends are not so much into photography as much as you do.


I still remember vividly there this one time I happened to not have the extra battery with me and it really bummed me out to realize the fact that I didn’t bring any extra battery with me. The not so good part was I happened to be at this very place at a very golden moment that you would not want to miss the opportunity of capturing such majestic view but then, it got you right in the face when the camera’s signalling for a battery changing. It probably one of the few things I regret the most. Not to be mentioned when you’re out of space.



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