The Expert-Mode Is (almost) an Electric!

As what I’ve promised the other day or as what I’ve tweeted the other day, I’m gonna do some write-up on the expert-mode capability on my new Oppo A37f.

I have no intention of buying new phones at all, well, I might have but not this phone though. I was actually waiting for the new Nokia 3,5,6 to be released in Malaysia but things got messier than I thought it would be – with my Samsung phones are not functioning at all and I was kinda in the need of using a phone at that moment, so I bought this one instead.

Ps: I am not really into OPPO’s cameras though as you know, well, I work well with the non-built-in-beauty-filters cameras like other phones which names are not to be mentioned here.

So, I tried out the camera function of my new OPPO and it turned out to be pretty cool, well not too much of excitement that I expected it to be. Basically it has the expert-mode feature that comes with various changeable functions like ISO, White Balance, exposure meter and the best part is that it has the manual shutter speed which ranging from 1s up to 16s. Well, not a bad idea for a mobile phone though.

oppo a37f camera1

oppo a37f camera2




Still, I haven’t tried that feature out yet as I’m struggling in finding a perfect subject to be captured under the, I don’t know, 16s shutter speed. I need to find something that could create a vivid image of the photo undergoing the long-exposure trick which I can’t right now.

You know, stuck in an office and from 8 to 5 then need to do some house chores afte that. Besides, the fact that the place I’m residing right now is lack of public transportation and me myself couldn’t afford any just yet kinda suck the idea of sparing more time on this whole photography thingy.

Anyway, these are the shots taken using OPPO A37f with expert-mode was turned on at the same exact location but on different days.



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