Catching the Lightning

Howdy! I am excited to share with you my experience of attempting to capture some lightnings. Yes. I know catching lightnings isn’t something new in our photographer communities and I have always tried my best to seize myself with such luck to shoot them. I’ve tried for so many times already but the outcomes aren’t that satisfying.

Still, I am an amateur and my life is basically revolved around the fact that I am incredibly busy to just focus on my photography works as I’m an employee to a company and at the same time is a part-time student. Besides, I do some freelance jobs like writer, proofread et al.

So here’s what I’m gonna share with you about. Basically, I am currently residing on the 5th floor of a building which is located a stone throw away from the capital city of Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur. The best part of residing there is obviously I’ve got to see a very scenic view of the city from afar just right from my balcony. As my balcony is on the West side of the building, of course I could just step out my feet to the balcony to enjoy sunset everyday. Yes, everyday. But, let’s not talk about the sunset just yet as the main point that I want to stress here is my attempt at shooting lightnings.

A bit teaser won’t hurt, right?

Like not  any other time I shot them, this time, I bottled up my guts to stand closer to the subject. As I could see clearly right from the crystal-clear sliding door, the lightnings struck and thunders went off. So I walked out of the room at stand still at the balcony to have a better vision of the lightning that I was about to shoot.

Yep, kinda shaky there.

Obviously, the whole catching lightning thing doesn’t come in handy and it requires lots of patience, bravery, luck and to never despair. That’s what I did.

This is right after the above photo. Can you see the vivid difference between the two colors there?

I was using my iPod Touch 5G at the moment so basically the best part of using the mobile phones’ cameras is you cannot long-press the shutter, except if there is a feature for long-exposure on the phone and this iPod doesn’t come up with that feature unfortunately. I released the shutter quite rapidly, tryna get the burst-shooting experience with that and good Lord, my effort paid off as there were few shots taken just nicely.

I also did record the whole sequence of the thunder and lightning of the day in case I could make some revision over that matter, you know, to know the frequent spot the lightnings took place.

Of course, living at the 5th floor (it is actually on the sixth if we count the GF in), the higher the altitude, the more shaky it gets I think, well, at least in my cents though.

I’ve gotta say that I love this shot a lot.

I seriously would love to make another attempts at shooting this kind of thing, under circumstances of course because the experience is just too valuable and so many things I could learn from doing so.


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