A Confession From an Amateur Photographer.

Perhaps you have had read my post in regards of how did I end up becoming a photographer of my own – a self-taught photographer to be precise.

This year marks the third year of me becoming or taking this whole photography thing seriously. I started off just for fun when I was in high school but started to learn and take it seriously when I was 20. I know, I was a bit old but whatever.

Perhaps not many know but I have never attended a photography class with a professional mentor or teacher before – the one like where you have to sit for a seminar or whatever. Nor even any online classes. All I did and do was and is by look up through real photographers’ websites and social media. Most photographers are very keen of sharing their experiences and know-how in something and I, taking the advantage over those, turn them all into something valuable and lessons in my take. It costs me no penny to learn everything from nothing.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from every sites I was scrolling through is to never give up. Well, they are two of it actually, the next one is to be bold. Be bold to experiment new things, be bold to use whatever you see as your next photography subject. Be bold and never feel ashamed if you do not own any bulky cameras to start shooting cause I do not use any – but I used to use that sort of camera before.

Don’t ever put a kibosh on your talent, on your limit but never push yourself too hard. The outcome wouldn’t be any good either. Never give up in getting the best out of your best images as what you’ve shot. My sister calls me mad for shooting the very same object for more than ten times but something that she doesn’t know is I’m actually experimenting with my subject at different angles. Never once the satisfaction has set me free.

I have a very restricted time to focus solely on my photography work cause I am a student and soon-to-be a government servant. With my busy life, I have to allocate my time precisely in order to learn and to work at the same time. The only time I could utilize my gears is when I’m out to travel and it usually happens without plans first being sketched.

Morning Light as shot in UiTM Cawangan Kelantan, Machang.

Photography isn’t something that restricted only to specific persons or professionals or gender. It takes your passion to learn, your patience to never give up and experiment the best methods to shoot different subjects – there are,in fact, no definite best methods to do such. Photography helps you to boost your creativity and the best part is that it allows you to speak up your mind without actually saying anything, it allows you to grow closer with nature. You don’t have to own a bulky bridge camera or SLR to start shooting. Get your mobile phone on your hands and shoot. One thing for sure, once you develop your interest in photography, you’d never really satisfy with your shots because that’s how you learn to be better.


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