Days of Positivity

The photo has absolutely nothing to do with whatever I’m about to write below.

So I got accepted to a local university after almost two years of not enrolling to anywhere – man, what a journey I’ve gone through.

One thing I realise about how our brain work.

When you implement your self-control with positive thinking, everything seems to be under controlled and will eventually be alright. That is the power of being positive and train yourself in such manner.

Why we need to live in positivity? So that we can lead our lives instead of our lives taking control of ourself and eventually destroy our every bit and piece.

When you start thinking positively, whatever is coming to your way will never get in your way because you have that power to control. Our minds could be easily poisoned by all the negative strikes and we actually should be the one to nurture them with all good vibes.

Start your day with positivity and you will gain happiness for the rest of the day


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