I’m here to write about luck in photography.

The combination of luck, perfect timing and endless efforts provides such a great final outcome.

It is true anyone now can be a photographer, given their never-ending practice they put in. Anyone can just be a photographer according to their sense simply by taking out their camera or phone and shoot but when you delve yourself deeper into this field, you will find that a photographer is not merely about someone who is utilizing their gears and shoot and showcase the result to their audiences. Well, at least for me.

Again, I am stating this point,

To make the best photographer out of you, it is important for you to train yourself with every set of photography skills and disciplines you have learnt. Once you learned a particular theory of a particular method or discipline, do not just end it there. Polish your credibility. Never stop your enthusiasm from growing. This is a creative line of work or hobby, hence a never-ending practice is absolutely a must. It is okay if you got your shoots today worse than what you got yesterday, at least you have that comparison to look at and it is like a reminder that this particular method is not working this way and such.

Now back to the luck part.

On several occasions, your luck gives the most amazing aid in getting the best shot. I.e. While you are passing a flower pot and you have your camera with you, you decided to take a photo of that particular pot or flower. Luck is definitely by your side when you see an insect or even a bee is happened to be on that particular spot and of course, you would go shooting macro then- or at least for me.

And that what had happened to me, several times already. Recently I was at a university yard and I found this particular flower pot and it’s quite interesting subject to shoot. While I was getting ready to shoot in macro, an insect was suddenly appeared clingin onto one of the flower’s petals. I figured out this would enhance the photo I was about to shoot and I took a big leap by shooting it for a few times at different angle. Here are the photos come unedited.

Of course, luck works like a charm.

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