Old Town

Gua Musang is a small city for which I have lived in for my entire life – 22 years.

one of the many limestone caves

Its torpological structure is such that the city is located at high altitude from sea level, thus the common sights you could see in here are enormous mountains and caves, the green scenery of trees and the locals with various stories – it is a heaven for those who are interested in green environments, the village feels, never-ceased cultures and many more.

Aside from the beautiful Gunung Stong that is widely known by many, I, in this entry, would write something on the small town of the town.

a blurred sunset photo shot while driving through the expressway few kilos from the town

Gua Musang Town is divided into two small main towns – Bandar Lama (the old town) and Bandar Baru (the new town). A very clear distinction can be seen between the two subtowns. Bandar Lama was established since, forever I guess, because it was already there when I was a newborn baby. It used to be the centre of Gua Musang Town because all shops and banks and many more were used to be centered up there. A Kampung Baru is also there – Kampung Baru was first introduced to Malayans back in many decades ago resulted from the presence of Communists, you know, historical matter. Many old buildings were structured there.

Bandar Baru on the other hand is a developing subtown. The buildings are new, this is the place where pasar malam (weekly night market) takes place. The administration buildings are also centered down there.

Pasar Besar Gua Musang (Gua Musang Market) that sells variety of goods

As time flies, the Bandar Lama is rarely visited by many except when you have some business to attend there. Many locals decided to move the location of their shops to the Bandar Baru. The fact that the whole state including Gua Musang district was in a devastating state after a massive flood took place in December 2014 has somehow changed the morphological structure of the town because the old town particularly had the worst among the two subtowns.

The locals started to move their shops to another side of town while there are some that decided to stay.

the old railway station of Gua Musang with the town’s virtue; the enormous caves at the back

Dated from few years back, a new sub-town is developed few kilometers out of the centered towns. It was named as ‘Bandar Utama’ (The Main Town). Works are still in progress though as it is a developing one are just like the Bandar Baru is.

Below are some of the photos taken around the Old Town neighbourhood

this is the only warung/diner that sells the mighty tasty roti tempayan
I used to come here a lot to have some roti canai

It occurs to me the feel good / blessed feeling whenever I visit any of the towns and nostalgic when in the old town particularly because it has so many historical evidences that should be kept and preserved for the younger generations shall never forget.


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