AE/AF Lock

One of the secret weapons or features on your iPhone’s camera is the AE/AF Lock (auto exposure/ auto focus).

this is a photo of chicken satays that I took last month with the AF Lock enabled.

I’m not gonna write so much on this but I’m gonna share my cent on this anyway.

The feature allows you to auto focus and auto exposure the object you want to shoot. It is really easy so anyone can do that.

Perhaps you’re interested in getting bokeh on your photo while shooting on your iPhone, locking the feature might be a great assist in doing so and plus, if you’re new to such thing as bokeh, why not having a hand-on experience just using your palm-sized phone?

Bokeh as I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, is where the photo you are getting is all blurry but clear shot of the object you are focusing on. You know what, just google the term up.

It is easy to enable the feature. Just long-pressed on the object you want to be focused on on your phone’s screen until this appears.

Voila, the photo has been set to auto-exposure and auto-focus lock feature in which the exposure is changeable even after you have locked the feature. Just do it like you always do when adjusting the exposure; swift your finger up or down till the sun icon shows up on the screen, then you are good to adjust the meter.

Once you satisfied with the photo as viewed on the screen, press the round-shaped shutter icon/button to shoot it.

I enabled the lock again while shooting this photo of mee bandung and yes, it turned better than the satay one.

I’d recommend you to press the volume button instead of the shutter icon as to avoid any vibration while capturing the photo, thus leads to unstable or shaky looking photo.


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