Cameron Highlands.

around November last year, we decided to go for a-day trip to Cameron Highlands. So I’ll be posting some photos taken from the trip.

Taken on the Sg. Bertam small bridge.

YZ Agro Farm.

Our first pit stop would be as seen in the photo below. We decided to go for some strawberry sightseeing but ended up just watching them from the outside of the farm as the owner didn’t allow us to enter the farm and strawberry-picking it.


And that’s my mom.

There were some kind of ropes surrounded the farm to prohibit people from accessing the particular area and I took the photos below from outside of the farm.


I had to move closer to the closest strawberry tree/plant or whatever it is to shoot this.

There is a small shop near the farmhouse that sells anything made from strawberry and we decided to give these a go:

Strawberry ice-cream
Strawberries dipped into hot choc

Cameron Valley Tea House 2.

website: Bharat Tea

Since we went there around November last year, it was expected to be raining regularly. Upon having some light meals made of strawberries, our next stop was decided beforehand and it would be the majestic Cameron Valley Tea House 2. As we reached the tea house, the rain started pouring heavily. The lower deck of the house brought us to toilets and we could actually witness such a picturesque view of the tea valley while the rain was pouring and of course, we’re drenched eventually even though we made a quick run from our car to the deck.

Tea Valley in the rain.
I zoomed in to shoot these two lads picking up some tea leaves in the rain. #respect.
After rain, and still foggy.
Two international tourists in silhouette partially, while looking at the most astonishing view.
And the sun started to shine

Me and my sister decided to go down the valley by taking the route which is available to everyone.


Some random rock

Moving from the valley to the shop itself, I was mesmerized by just another view of the valley from the inside of the shop. It felt surreal to breathe the oxygen the tea leaves released #lol

Tanah Rata

After an hour-ish spending our precious time at the valley, we decided to grab our lunch and while on the road, we noticed another cool spot to photograph of.

It reads ‘Selamat Datang Ke Tanah Rata Cameron Highland’
Just some random artificial blue tree there

Agro-Technology Park Mardi Cameron Highlands

My mom insisted us to have a look at beautiful flowers as what she saw on TV quite often and my dad said,

‘well, let’s go to this park and I’ve been there before while attending a course at Cameron Highlands. I’m not sure about other locations of other park but let’s just get going’.

Yeah, something like that.

As I don’t really fancy of flowers, I took many random shots of random things. (Realize how many times I put random in the same sentence)

me too, was mesmerized by this thing, I don’t know the name, waterwheel maybe?
The sky was so blue that that day my friends.

We drove around the city as soon as we exited the park and look what we’ve found!

The giants, symbolizing the Cameron Highlands.
The giant clock

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