November ’16 Supermoon Eve.

The coming supermoon will be particularly larger than the previously closest one to Earth in 1948.

To be frank, I am excited to watch the upcoming extra-super moon tmr at 1352hrs GMT (9.52pm Malaysia time).

this was shot right in front of my grandma’s house in Terengganu

Sharing some tips that I’ve learnt:

If you want to photograph some cool supermoon shots, of course you need the proper and required equipment -lens,tripod yada yada yada. Telephoto lens is used to obtain a much clearer photo of the moon and its surface and of course the lens could cost you a fortune.

Aside from that, prepare everything beforehand (check the date and weather, scout the location etc.)

An interesting point that I want to highlight here is to not only watch on the particular d-day but rather record the moon on the day before and after the actual date. Who knows the luck is by your side to record the moonrise and moonset as well.

This was taken yesterday at 6.40pm with the camera was set on av mode and I reduced the exposure (I’d rather use this method than the light meter).

If my memory served me right, the bright moon seen in the photo is what we called as wax (Help me stand corrected), hence the color.


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