November ’16 Supermoon Part ii.

Hello again! As stated before, the perigee stage of this year’s supermoon fall on 14 November 2o16 at 1352 GMT (9.52pm Malaysia time).

I’ll be sharing with you people my version of supermoon ‘gazing’.

Moon. You need a telephoto lens to capture such photo.

I’m currently at my grandma’s and her house is not really a fine spot to watch the supermoon -there are no tall buildings or towers or mountain as tools to compare the size of the moon but still it was worth watching.

I was a bit worried earlier today because the weather is so unpredictable these days and it was raining earlier. At 7.30pm, I went out of the house and try to spot the gigantic moon but there was no sign of the moon appearing. An hour later, I went out again for the 4th time. The moon was big and bright. It illuminated the whole area. It felt good to witness such phenomenon that occurs every month but this time around is very spectacular.

I continue waiting at the courtyard for the perigee stage to happen and snapped few photos around. I wasn’t really expecting the photos to come out well as I’m still learning night photography and astrophotography disciplines though. For your information, all the photos were taken by iPod and PNS camera -Canon ELPH. Photos below are sorted according to the time they were taken.

The PNS camera was set to manual/program mode with ISO 400, Aperture F5.6, shutter speed fixed at 1/250 and focus range was set to infinity.
I used NightScene to shoot this one.

For these two closer looks, I set the camera to manual mode and fixed the ISO at 800, F-stop at 5.8,exposure time at  1/10sec and 1/20sec respectively, focus range -infinity with WB set to cloudy.



I experimented the night photography discipline by varying the value of camera settings so that the finest result can be seen clearly and practically thus the best settings can be concluded later on.

As a self-taught photographer, the method I used could be quite practical and fun and of course I have to put extra effort in learning all those disciplines.

Light trails all of sudden. Unintended long exposure lol.

Note: all photos posted here haven’t undergone any post-processing yet. They are as it is.




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