It saddens me the fact that netflix decided not to air tv show chuck anymore. ICYDK, Chuck is a sci-fi tv show that has massive number of fandom or community despite NBC almost called the show a quit due to its low rating some times back in their season 2 or 3. #chucksters fought against the ill intention and won them for few more seasons. I am an avid fan of chuck. All these years being a chuckster taught me lots of things and my taste in music is influenced by the tv show. Not only the show taught me valuable lessons (which I’m not gonna write them over here) but the cast and crew as well. I am lucky to own all the five seasons but #savingchuckagain, like what Zach said, is for the future, the next gen because there’s no such tv show like Chuck where you get all the actions, comedy, romance, bromance and family all in one. (I know the show is nothing compared to Seinfeld but whatever).


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