Behind His Smiling Face.

Meet Naim.


He is a 10 y/o boy who was cast for a lead role; Malek. He dreams to be an actor one day. In real life, he’s quite a unique character – cheerful, playful and a bit hype. Little did I know he doesn’t know how to read. Since he can’t read, the director would guide and teach him the script on sets. He maybe a lil’ bit lacking in that but this boy taught me so many lessons. One of them of course to never give up on something you have your interest in, something you fond of despite your inabilities. Always be cheerful if that’s the only way you could relieve your stressful life. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth and that’s just another point for him in my book. The greatest lesson I’ve learnt from this kiddo is to never miss your prayer wherever you are, whatever the situation you might be in because that’s the key to gain success.

Dear Naim, may you be blessed in everything you do and a greatest actor you will be.


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