Happy 59th Independence Day.

Today, 31st August 2k16 marks another year of Malaysia’s Independence Day.

Malaysia or previously known as Tanah Melayu celebrated their very first independency on 31st August 1957 after being colonized for the past hundreds of year. The following is the timeline of the country which invaded Tanah Melayu in short.

In 1511, Portuguese invaded Malacca which was the center of Tanah Melayu back then.

It was followed by the Dutch who took over the invasion by the Portuguese in 1641

After the Dutch, British has become the third colonist to invade Tanah Melayu 1824. The colonization was the longest amongst the four countries (including Japan in 1942). The British immigrated immigrants from China and India to Tanah Melayu and that’s how the country of Malaysia became a multiracial country – this includes all Peribumis and others throughout Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

The Japanese took over the nation in 1941 and lasted until 1945 when the British reruled Tanah Melayu after the Japanese surrendered themselves. That happened after Hiroshima And Nagasaki were bombed. People suffered the most while under the Japanese colonization.

After the Japanese surrendered, Malayan People’s Anti Japanese Army or Bintang Tiga took over the nation slightly for 14 days while the British wasn’t starting the reruling just yet (the British wasn’t back in Tanah Melayu just yet). The Bintang Tiga was a part of Malayan Communist Party. They caused lots of commotions – torturing and killing those who were helping the Japanese back in their authority.

British invaded Tanah Melayu for another 12-13 years before Tanah Melayu gained its freedom. In the 12-13 years, many events had occured before Tanah Melayu gained its independence from the British – equivalent to the British’s resolution to free the lands they’ve invaded (Commonwealth Countries).

To read full history, you can google them out.


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