I’m Not Okay. I Just Pretend That I Am.

I’m not okay. I just pretend that I am.

Don’t ask a person who’s in a great trouble – ie. someone who was wrongly accused for something that he didn’t or a broken-hearted man, if he’s okay. Just don’t.

Nobody who is in the midst of a suicidal battle will be okay. Well, some would say they are okay when they are actually not.

As in my case, I have to pretend that I’m okay for the sake of not making others worry, and the most important is for my own sake.

How am I supposed to say that I’m not okay when all they do is critizing my actions in which for them, might have led to such embarassment, failure or whatever they call it as. All I need is a comfort – them tapping my back and say,


It is okay to fall sometimes. Everything is gonna be fine. Everything is gonna turn just alright. Cry out. Lift your burden away.


But I am not getting any. The amount of consolation and strength I need is nothing than the misfortune I’ve brought like what they think.

RIP cockroach

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