A Good Macro.

Macro and bokeh are somehow related in many ways. Getting a good macro shot requires you to include the bokeh in it.

To define a good macro in simplest technical way is when you are shooting a petal or a flower or a subject at a closer range as possible, then you amend your shot by controlling the focus solely on the subject; leaving the rest of whatever within the frame a bit blurry.

And the blurry part is known as bokeh.

the not so good bokeh there

Bokeh: visual quality of the out of focus area in a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lense.

You can just google the terms up if you’re  getting entangled between the lines.

There are good bokeh, bad bokeh  and as well as not so good bokeh. 

But I’m not gonna write about bokeh in this entry. I’m here to share my thought on macro.

Macro is the best mode when it comes to shooting some random flowers or plants or tiny creatures because macro means small and that’s the whole purpose of it.

Are you able to spot the tiny creature?

I have plenty of macro shots myself but I’m just gonna go with those two for this post.
If you are interested in looking at my some other macro shots, you can just visit my website by simply clicking on the website tab above.

And don’t forget to grab the free print-at-will this month’s picture calendar of macro shot by tapping the download tab.

Try to set another challenge to yourself by not sticking up with auto shooting mode. Go out of your house, find a particularly interesting subject,change the shooting mode selection from program to aperture to whatever. Try all the available options out and shoot. Figure out which combination or mode would give the greatest result. Be manual.


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