That Lady.

This photo was taken at Penarik Beach, Setiu, Terengganu, Malaysia. It has nothing to do with my rant below. I just wanted to attach it together. That’s all.

This is solely based on my imagination. It has nothing to do with any real life characters or whatnot. Sometimes I love to pour my thoughts out on a paper or my Note account.

That lady is used to be thrown away. She used to be left behind. The scars from the past keep haunting her present. She once was loved by many. She once was the subject of compliments. She once was someone who had everything but nothing. But those situations are not fit anymore. Once she was a subject of a rumour, everything changed. Once she was the subject of the rumour, everyone looked down on her. Once she was the subject of the rumour, everything that related to her seemed disgusting. She almost ended her life as a result of despair. The rumour was never true. But to clean her name and dignity, it almost charged her life. Nobody to be leaned on. Nobody to be her pillar. Nobody to hear her out. She decided to part her way. Away from people. Away from the lively city. She rather locks herself up in her room than suffocating her breath with the presence of those who circulated the false rumour, who gazed her wickedly. She shut her feelings, she shut the door of her heart from getting involve with people, from receiving deceitful love and giving out an honest and sincere love.

I would love to read any of your comment over this thought of mine.


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