I am a self-taught photographer.

Being a self-taught photographer can be extremely challenging and fun at the same time. For the past few years I started my photography journey, I had never once went to any photography workshops or lectures. Being a self-taught photographer in my case is all about bottling up my guts to explore- both physically and mentally, without getting any helps from the pros by my side. The fun of googling something new and interesting is always there. Looking up for tips and tricks of getting the best shots fascinates me the most because there are lots of example of methods to do so on the internet and sometimes ones’ opinion differs from one another. And I eventually have to work up my knowledge and experience in determining which way or method is the best. Success doesn’t come in handy, right?

The learning is okay but are the equipment?

I have always wished to own my very own DSLR or the mirror-less one or any that look like them; the solid body itself could make someone looks like a pro. I never have one but I have had used one of those. It excites me even whenever I get to touch the well-build shooting gear. Till now, I only use a compact camera that equipped with HS System and sometimes I shoot using my mobile devices. The not-so-good part about those is photos taken are not available in RAW format as they are oppressed in JPEG as we shoot them. But, I’ve spoken to a pro photographer over this issue on Instagram and he told me to not put my worries and gush over the issues because photography isn’t all about your shooting gear but the way you could turn the table by making your shots a good and memorable ones. The process is much more important. Make your shots speak for themselves when you show them to people.

To end my first entry, I’m gonna attach a photo of a beautiful sunset which I shot few months ago somewhere near my house.



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